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Bandati - Page 9

  • Bandati, the children book: What is it about?

    When your parents come from different countries, it sets you apart from other children, racially and culturally.

    It is the case of Bandati, who faces some challenges due to his not-so-ordinary situation. He is a little boy whose parents come from different countries – the Elephant-country and the Monkey-country (referring to India and France but not named in the book to make it available to a wider audience of cross-bred kids). Having this double cultural and racial background sets him apart from other children and it is not always easy for him to understand why. Some questions – very frequently asked – like “Where are you from?” – are a bit difficult from him to answer. He sometimes gets annoyed to be so different, but he also realizes that he is lucky to have such an opening onto the world.

    Luckily, his parents are there to help him find the words to address them. And to help him realise he has the power to turn his difference into a strength.

    The book shows Bandati in different situations, highlighting how he feels and the ways he finds to deal with his emotions of a not-so-ordinary kid.

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  • Bandati, children book: Where to buy it?

    Here we go, Bandati, the book, is available in English in paperback and e-book almost everywhere!

    I'd be happy to courrier it anywhere, just send me a at indiansamourai@gmail.com Otherwise:

    In India:

    In other countries:

    For the ebook:

    Or by asking me directly by mail: indiansamourai@gmail.com

    For buying the book in French, visit this page!

    Enjoy Bandati!!

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  • Bandati, the book is available in India!

    Bandati,children book,avaibility

    Bandati, the children book to talk about mixed families is available in India!!

    To order the English version, click here.
    For the French one, click here.

    (Soon on all Amazon websites and Amazon prime and as an e-book).