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Articles on mixed families - Page 2

  • Article about mixed families for KidsStopPress

    I just published my first article in English and in India about my experience of a mixed family. Thank you KidsStopPress for the support and vote of confidence! Here is the article: link (and PDF).

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  • The French-Indian mixed-race in history

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    I was pondering about the status of my little French-Indian boys when I started thinking that this mix must actually be nothing new, since the French were in India for some 200 years.

    I have lived in India for 15 years and never looked into the nature of the French-Indian relationship. Despite hearing the Ambassador’s words of "friendship", time and again, which I never really understood. I am filling (part of) the gaps now. For this, I was largely inspired by the dissertation of Jessica Louise Namakkal, Transgressing the Boundaries of the Nation: Decolonization, Migration, and Identity in France/India, 1910-1972, 2013 (link) (all the text quoted below is from her).

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  • Census: 33 million Americans are multiracial

    The United States recently released its 2020 census. One of its purposes is to identify “races” and “ethnicities”. The numbers are impressive – but to be taken with caution, as the criteria have changed since the last census in 2010 (source).

    In 2020, the percentage of people reporting multiple races changed more than all single race groups, from 2.9% of the population (9 million people) in 2010 to 10.2% of the population in 2020 (an increase of 276%). There are now 33.8 million Americans who identify as “multi-racial”. Even if all of them are not “multicultural” as well, that makes a few potential readers for Bandati!


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