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Multicultural gems of a French-Indian boy 13

My French-Indian 6 year old boy on modesty:

My son’s Indian grandmother came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. One fine morning, I was going downstairs wearing my panties and a long night tee-shirt.

  • Him: Uh Mama? Didn’t you forget something?
  • Me: What do you mean??
  • Him: Well, your pants!
  • Me: But I never wear any!
  • Him: Yes, but Daddi is there…

Another morning, my son wakes me up and notices that under my very long nightgown, I (for once) am not wearing panties.

  • Him: Mama, don’t forget to put on panties before going downstairs, eh?
  • Me: Sure. But why?
  • Him: My friends are here, they shouldn’t see you half naked!

I did my best to have him run around – sometimes braving the indignation of French tourists in Morocco – et voilà... The obsession with Indian modesty has caught up with him! The worst part is that I myself am very modest by nature. But I don’t see why to wear warm clothes when I’m at home, especially since anyone can see me in a swimsuit when I go to my micro-pool.

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